Singing that comesfrom the soul

My new crossover song "Why did you change" will be released on April 27th 2024.

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Kristina Šop, a classically trained singer from Croatia, has a wide repertoire from opera and concerts to musicals and jazz. She now sees herself as a mediator between classical and popular music. Their goal is to break down the rigid structures of classical music and bring it closer to a wider audience. Her crossover project includes songs composed specifically for her as well as modern arrangements of classical pieces.

Kristina Šop's personal story brings even deeper meaning to her mission to make classical music accessible to everyone. Despite her own challenges, through hard work and talent, she completed her music degree and fully committed herself to music. Her experiences as a child of immigrants who found her way into classical music despite financial difficulties and a lack of family support make her commitment to promoting music for all all the more admirable. Kristina Šop is an inspiring example of how music can connect people across all barriers.

Kristina Šop is aware of the possible criticism that her new song could cause. Transforming an aria by a renowned composer such as Giacomo Puccini certainly involves some risk and can provoke controversial reactions. But thanks to her extraordinary musicality and her sound musical training, Kristina Šop feels able to withstand any hostility. Her artistic integrity and understanding of music allow her to boldly break new ground and realize her vision, even if it means crossing traditional boundaries and risking criticism.

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